Introduction to Psych105

Hello! My name is Jessie Rubelmann. I chose to take this class because I am a Biology Pre-Med major. Going on to medical school requires students to take the MCAT exam and since a large portion of this test has to do with psychology, taking this class is very important. During my junior year of high school, I took a psychology class. Since I enjoyed this class very much, I am looking forward to taking psychology at E-town. When I hear the work ‘psychology’, the first things that come into my mind are closely related to the brain. Its structure, processes, and the different ways in which your surroundings affect the brain, and thus, your behavior. The three topics that I am most looking forward to are ‘Moral Development’, ‘How to make Memories’, and ‘Theories of Intelligence’. I find Moral Development very interesting in how it can be looked at in a historical context. Information about how people develop morally can add a lot to looking at the causes behind wars and other conflicts. Learning about how memories are made is also an intriguing topic for me. I am excited to see how different chemical processes in the brain can allow us to store memories from previous experiences. Looking into the different theories of intelligence is something that I look forward to simply because I do not feel that I know very much about it. I want to understand the different ideas that have been proposed about intelligence and I hope that there is some kind of genetic aspect to this topic. The three topic that are of the least interest to me are ‘Scientific Method’, ‘What is Addiction?’, and ‘Stress’. The scientific method is not at the top of my list because I feel that throughout my education I have learned about it numerous times and I feel that I have a decently firm grasp on the concept. ‘What is Addiction?’ and ‘Stress’ are low on my list for the same reason. Last semester, I took Dr. Hagan’s Science of Addiction FYS. Since we went into great detail on the nature of addiction, I am not excited to look into it again. Also, my term paper for this class was based on stress, so I feel that I have gone to great lengths with these topics already. In terms of what question about psychology that I want to be answered by the end of this class: How to brain processes allow memories to be created and stored?


One thought on “Introduction to Psych105

  1. Welcome to the course Jessie. A lot of pre-med students have always taken psychology, but as the new MCAT more explicitly tests on psychology more and more are taking it, which I of course think is a good thing. Dr. Hagan’s FYS will certainly give you a leg up when it comes to talking about addiction and stress, but hopefully I can add some new information for you along the way too. We’ll be talking about the nature vs. nurture controversy in several contexts this semester, and intelligence is definitely one of those, so you’ll be able to check that off your list. We will be discussing the neural processes of memory to some extent in this course, but you’ll be more in-depth exposure in PSY 111 (Intro to Neuroscience). I’m happy to point you to some extra resources when we get to that topic if you’re interested!


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