Bonus Post: Theoretical Lenses in Psychology

The prompt outlines the problems that Miguel has been having with school/life. He is struggling to keep on top of his work, get a good sleep schedule, and to control his emotions. This is affecting his ability to do well in school and it is affecting his social relationships, as well as the way that he looks at/treats himself.

From the psychodynamic perspective, Miguel’s problems are stemming from an unconscious conflict that is directing his conscious mind. Miguel may be unconsciously losing interest in school, his friends, or the way that his life is at the moment. This could cause his conscious mind to lash out at his friends and fall behind on his school work. He could also be feeling unconsciously overwhelmed by his life, which is causing him to become angry with those around him. His unconscious mind may be struggling with the idea that he is not ‘good enough’, which could be driving his conscious mind from keeping up with his school work.

From the behavioral perspective, Miguel’s problems arose due to an issue with his learning or something that is motivating him to continue this problematic behavior. A behaviorist may suggest that Miguel’s bad grades have been associated with negative feelings towards himself. As he struggles to keep up with his work, he feels worse and worse about himself, causing him to respond by lashing out at others.

From the humanistic perspective, Miguel’s problems are because of an issue with his conditions of worth. It is possible that Miguel is unhappy with the life that he is living and that he feels that this is not the path for him. In trying to fit in, and be the type of person that will be liked and accepted by others, Miguel may feel that he does not have the freedom to choose in his life. This hindrance of his personal growth could be hurting him emotionally, thus causing these negative outcomes.

From the cognitive psychology perspective, Miguel’s problems are a product of his mental processes. He could have a mental difficulty in solving problems or decision making which is keeping him from functioning properly. For example, Miguel having difficulty with the mental processes involved in processing information could be keeping him from doing well in school. Also, issues with problem solving could play a role in how he is picking fights with others.

From the neuroscience perspective, Miguel’s problems are stemming from a biological issue in his brain. It is possible that the neurotransmitters in Miguel’s brain are at incorrect levels, thus causing some kind of mental illness such as depression. He could have also genetically inherited some of these negative behavior patterns.

From the cultural psychology perspective, Miguel would be having these issues based on his environment. Since this psychology is based on understanding culture and group behavior, the problems could be coming from Miguel feeling as if he does not fit in to his environment or even that he does not fit into his social group.


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