First Impression Post #2

After reading the prompt for this week, the first thing that I did was to look into what a ‘jellyfish dad’ is. While I have heard of the terms ‘tiger mom’ and ‘helicopter parent’, I have never heard of ‘jellyfish dad’. After researching it, I found out that a ‘jellyfish dad’ is a dad that gives their child a lot of freedom. This contrasts both ‘tiger mom’ and ‘helicopter parent’ which involves micromanaging every aspect of your child’s life and attempting to ensure that they turn out exactly the way that you, as their parent, hope they will. In thinking about the way that I think children should be parented, I would assume that my opinions line up with most others. I would want to find a happy medium between the parenting techniques outlined above. While I feel that it is important to provide children with a structured environment, I do not feel that it is beneficial to smother them. Taking too much control over your child can hinder them in becoming responsible for themselves and even in developing creativity (due to the fact that every decision in their life is made by their parents). However, letting a child have too much leeway can also be extremely detrimental. Until they are old enough to make certain decisions for themselves, they need to be taught and shown how to be responsible and safe. Overall, I think that as a child gets older, they should be given more and more opportunities to prove what they have learned from their parents and to demonstrate the responsibility that has been shown to them. I feel that this would help their self confidence and encourage them to listen, and be responsible, as they get older.


One thought on “First Impression Post #2

  1. I agree that finding a happy medium between all the parenting styles might be the most effective way of raising children. I also agree that as a child gets older they should be presented with more opportunities to demonstrate their responsibility, however, should age be a determining factor on whether or not someone is able to take on more responsibilities? I think that when it comes to increasing in responsibility, maturity should be a major factor being played in, while age is a considering factor.


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