First Impression Post #5 (Week 7)

For this week’s first impression post I chose to focus on Option 1. In my opinion, there is a massive difference between the use of marijuana for medicinal vs. recreational use. Medicinally, there are health benefits for using marijuana. They have been tested and proven to help certain ailments and doctors prescribe them to help their patients. While the recreational use of marijuana is desired, I do not believe that it does anything to benefit ones health. It can, in fact, be detrimental to one’s health by affecting the brain in different ways (one of which, I believe, is that it causes a loss of brain cells).

In terms of using marijuana for medicinal purposes, there are pros and cons. It can be very beneficial in terms of anxiety or stress (I believe). Doctors often prescribe this and there have been numerous studies and trials to ensure that it can be beneficial to ones health. However, there are some concerns that once it has been prescribed to you, and you begin to use it as directed, an addiction to the drug may form. While this is a concern, I personally believe that if prescribed and used correctly, the benefits outweigh the potential problems.

In terms of using marijuana for recreational purposes, there are also both pros and cons. On the pro’s side, it is a pleasurable experience for those who engage in it. Making it legal would make it easier for people who enjoy marijuana to use it. However, making it would legal would most likely increase the amount that it is used. There are numerous negative health effects that can arise from using marijuana, especially if done too frequently. Once used, even if someone just wants to ‘give it a try’ since its legal, an addiction can form that brings about health problems. In my opinion, the cons for legalizing marijuana greatly outweigh the pros.


One thought on “First Impression Post #5 (Week 7)

  1. Hi Jesse,
    I had the same opinion on marijuana in my post as well. Medically it can be a good stress and pain reliever for patients experiencing severe pain or trauma. There have been many studies that support the use of medical marijuana. Results of using medical marijuana instead of using morphine has shown that it can be beneficial since marijuana is less addictive than morphine or other pain relieving drugs. However, if it were to be legalized for recreational use it could do more bad than good for users.
    Marijuana can become addictive due to the brain compensating for hormonal levels triggered by the release of THC. When taken regularly, any pain relieving drug can affect brain functions and hormonal equilibrium making the drug necessary for regular body function, thus an addiction is accrued. I thought your post was very informative and interesting. Your examples were accurate and supported your opinions on legalizing marijuana.


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