First Impression Post #6

For my first impression post this week, I chose Option 1 which was about synesthesia. This involved a TED talk given by Daniel Tammet who is a high functioning autistic savant. He talked about how, when he sees numbers, he also sees colors, sounds, and textures. He also mentioned how, when computing math problems in his head, he uses visual aids, such as grids, to help him complete the problem quickly and correctly without the help of a calculator or even paper. I found this incredibly interesting because synesthesia is something that I have heard of, but I know very little about. Hearing about how he associates numbers with abstract concepts was a way that I never though about synesthesia but the way that he explained is was easy to understand. I also liked how he started out the talk by telling about how, when most people meet him, they ask him to solve some math problem of tell them what day of the week they were born on based on their birthday. This gave the presentation a much more personal feel, as he proceeded to talk about the topic of synesthesia. I feel that this would greatly affect someone’s day to day life because they see things in ways that no one (or nearly no one) else does. Synesthesia seems like something that would enable someone to be far more creative. Seeing colors and textures when looking at numbers, for example, could open the door for much more creative ways to look at different things. Looking at things from all different angles is what, in my opinion, allows new ideas to form.  In day to day life, this would allow a person with synesthesia to bring new ideas to light.


One thought on “First Impression Post #6

  1. Jessie, I really like all of the creative ideas you came up with while writing this post. I agree with you and think that it would truly be so amazing to have these abilities. The heightened senses and ability to associate colors and sounds with numbers and words is simply amazing. I can’t even begin to imagine how his creativity must spike during day to day interactions. It definitely shows when he brought out so e of his works of art. Paintings and drawing that represented numbers such as the number Pi. Some even represented math problems and different equations. One part in your post that I really enjoyed was how you described his addition of personal feel to the presentation. I agree, when he talked about how people always ask him questions such as what day of the week they were born. In some weird way it seems to allow the audience to see his skills a little more from his point of view and just how amazing they really are. It is awe inspiring. Who knows what else people like him are capable of?


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