First Impression Post #7

For my first impression post this week I chose Option #2. This asked us to assess our own current sleep habits and set a realistic goal for hours of sleep per night for a college student. In my own opinion, my sleep habits are relatively good. In general, it seems as though college students struggle to find a good sleep schedule. Most find themselves staying up very late each night to complete homework or other activities. On average, I go to bed between midnight and 12:30 on each night of the week. I feel that this is fairly good, especially since I do not have any classes that require me to get up earlier than 8:15 in the morning. However, this schedule often gets disrupted if my amount of homework increases or a have an exam coming up. On nights like these, i find myself staying up until two or possible three in the morning. This, however, is a very rare occurrence. Another way that I find my sleeping habits rather healthy is that, on the weekends, I do find myself staying up later, but I will sleep in later the next morning. This allows the average amount of sleep that I get per night to stay roughly the same throughout the week.

While the recommended amount of sleep is approximately eight hours per night, I do not feel that this is a realistic goal for a college student. The work load is very large seeing as a lot of preparation for class must be done outside of the class room. Also, in order to have a balanced life and to not feel overwhelmed and lonely by the fact that homework is the only thing you spend your time doing, I find it very important to engage in other activities on campus (such as sports, clubs, etc.) Maintaining this balance is difficult to do within a day. Because of the packed schedule that college students have, I feel that approximately 6-7 hours of sleep is a more realistic goal. While this definitely not the recommended amount, it is more than most college students typically get on average. I feel that I can personally improve my sleep habits by first improving my schedule of study. By planning ahead and being more efficient, I could avoid the extra late nights that occur just before an exam.


One thought on “First Impression Post #7

  1. Hi Jessie! This is a very well written post. I also try to go to sleep at around midnight, but I do have some 8am classes so I have to get up a little earlier. It is also true that homework or studying keeps us up later than usual, though I try to still go to sleep as soon as I can to make sure I am well rested for the class or exam I might have the next day. I agree that college students have a difficult time trying to figure out a sleep schedule that works with them. In class this week we learned about a technique that we can use to determine about how much sleep each of us as an individual need. It is a good idea to plan your studying out so you can avoid staying up later than usual, I am also trying to work on my studying habits so I can have a balance between school, practice (for my music classes), and having some time to relax and hang out with friends. Overall, very nice post!


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