Bonus Post – Johari Window

This week’s bonus post is in regards to the Johari Window that we filled out. This was a part of our exploration of personality. The point of this exercise was to figure out how much our own perception of our personality matches up with how others see us. To start off the exercise, I had to choose 6 adjectives from the list that best described me. I did not find this very difficult, as I could see using many of the words on the list to describe myself. One slight speed bump I had was that many of the words were incredibly similar to each other. It was difficult to pick between two words that seemed to mean the same thing and I found myself having to look up their definitions to see how they were different. When I went to send the link to others to fill out, I decided to split it up between both my friends and family. I sent it to my parents, my two sisters, and then six of my close friends. Each of the words that I chose to describe myself were chosen by at least one other person except for one. I put ‘shy’ as one of my descriptors and this was the one that was not shared by anyone else. This came as a surprise to me. I definitely see myself as someone who is fairly shy. However, I would now agree that ‘introverted’ is a more accurate term to describe myself. I say that now because of what I read in the textbook about the misconceptions of introversion. In my opinion this test is a pretty good measure of personality. To a certain degree, no-one knows yourself better than you do, and this combined with how you come across to others, I would say, covers the majority of points of one’s personality. In terms of what I learned about myself through this test, I would say that there is a very big difference between shy and introverted, and that I identify more with the latter.



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