First Impression Post #9

For my first impression post this week I chose Option #1. This required me to describe my own stress management strategies, asses how well they work, and think of other stress management options that I could potentially add into my routine to further aid myself in dealing with stress. Currently, the primary source of stress in my life is related to school and homework. Because of this, I make sure to keep myself from doing nothing but homework for too long. Each time that I finish the assigned homework for a particular subject, I make sure to something that is not homework related before starting on the next subject. For example, I may listen to a song or two or do something with my roommate or neighbors. Then, after this short five to ten minute break, I return to my homework. I feel that this works well in keeping my stress under control, as long as I actually adhere to this schedule. Typically, if I have a large exam the next day, I find myself spending a very long amount of time studying for said exam. Since I never reach the point where I can switch subjects, I do not find that I give myself a break. This causes me to spend a very long time on one thing, without giving myself the break that I need. However, on most days when I have a typical amount of homework and no exam the next day, I find that this strategy is incredibly beneficial. A stress management option that could work in the future would be to start studying for tests much farther in advance. If I split up the amount of material that I have to study over a much longer period of time, I would be able to less of a time and avoid this ‘binge studying’. This would keep me from spending too long on one single subject and allow myself to continue my schedule of taking a break when ever I am finished with a subject.


One thought on “First Impression Post #9

  1. Hi Jessie! From your post, it sounds like you have been able to determine a few stress relievers that positively influence your life. Like we talked about in class, there are maladaptive and adaptive strategies that can be utilized when dealing with stress. The small self-indulgences seem to be effective in allowing you to decompress in between assignments and after a typical night of studying and homework. However, on nights where a studying binge seems imminent, it’s important to remember to cut yourself some slack and allow your mind to take a break. It’s times like these where it’s important to determine what kind of coping mechanism would be beneficial. It seems as though more emotion-based coping would be best utilized in situations like these. The stressor itself could be the studying or even the procrastination associated with the studying. Taking a step back and acknowledging that you feel stressed can really allow you to breathe and be able to continue the studying. Setting a timer every so often could also allow you to be consistent in keeping up with your schedule on nights where the studying is particularly stressful. Utilizing some of the more constructive or adaptive strategies, like exercise or mindfulness, or even self-disclosure can make a world of a difference. The exercise classes offered on campus are a great way to de-stress, without taking up a lot of time. Attending one of them and then returning to studying can be a source of energy, all the while releasing pent-up stress and tension in a healthy manner. Using these strategies in your small breaks can provide a productive change of flow and allow you to return to the task at hand with a fresh mind. We are all human and sometimes, despite our best efforts, time and our work can get away from us; and when it does, we need to remember that there are ways to overcome the stress. Keeping up with your schedule will be extremely beneficial and will allow you to prioritize what needs to get done. Stress is something that is essential to our daily lives but managing it in a healthy manner is crucial to finding the balance. Good luck with the rest of your semester!


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